Do you need a product reviewed? Pigtails & Mohawks would love to be a product reviewer for you and your company. I have many readers of all different ages, who live around the world, and who most of them have children. I also have 2 girls & 1 boy myself.

I would love to review your product(s) and post my opinion on my blog. I would prefer to review family related items, kid related items, mommy related items, & daddy related items.

My readers love giveaways! But hey, who doesn't? All the winners from the giveaways will be chosen by Rafflecopter to make it fair for everyone.

I will promote the giveaway by having it posted on my blog, sharing it on Facebook, and sharing it on Twitter. If you would like a first person review of the item, I would require one for myself (which I would get to keep) & for you to cover the cost of shipping.

With all giveaways and reviews:
1.You send me 1 or more items for me to review in which I would get to keep. (REQUIRED)
2.You must cover all shipping costs.(To myself & to the winner of the giveaway) (REQUIRED)
3.With giveaways: you can choose one or more to giveaway to the readers. You can have the winners choose their item or you can, just be sure to let me know so I can let the readers know what exactly is being given away.
4.I will run the giveaway for 1 week, I will then choose a winner by using Rafflecopter.
5.With the giveaways I make the readers visit your website and tell me their favorite item or anything about an item they like
6.For the giveaways: extra entries: I have them like your Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.

If you are interested in having me do a review/giveaway for you please email me at

Reviews can take up to 6 weeks to be posted.