October 8, 2011

Review: Sam's Crochet

The first item I reviewed from SamsCrochet is a dog leash bag & placemat set.When I first received the items I was very impressed with her quality of work. She did an awesome job of making both pieces! I love having a leash bag as it is more convenient for me to just grab the leash out of the bag instead of digging under my cabinet where it used to be at. The placemat is awesome also! I love the fact that I now have one of these as both of my dogs are very messy eaters and used to get their dog food all over the place. Having one of these makes is really easy to clean up. Another great thing about these items is that you can customize your own colors (up to 3 colors). If you do not have one of these items, be sure to check her page out and purchase a set! Or you can enter the giveaway HERE to win your very own set.


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