November 26, 2011

Review: Fisher Price Magical Fairy Dora

I was given the opportunity to review the Fisher Price Magical Fairy Dora!



Do you remember the fall 2011 movie event, Dora Saves King Unicornio!? Well this is where the idea came from to make the Magical Fairy Dora! Magical Fairy Dora is inspired by the movie’s Enchanted Forest theme. Dora is dressed in a beautiful sparkly dress and she comes to life by pressing the beautiful flower necklace she has on. You can also make her come to life by waving the wand in front of her flower necklace making her beautiful wings come out from behind her. She stands on a removable base and says 20 different phrases in English as well as in Spanish too, and She sings an enchanted fairy song. Dora will sing this song when you wave the wand in front of her necklace or when you press her necklace. Dora's wings easily fold back up behind her so that you can keep on waving the wand in front of her necklace and making her wings appear again and again! The doll also comes with a brush and a crown (requires 2 AAA batteries but those are included)

This fun Dora doll is for ages 3 and up and I believe any little girl will be delighted with this doll! My daughter plays with the Magical Fairy Dora everyday and she just has so much fun with her. I love that the wings appear from behind her and can be easily folded back down so you can make them appear again because this is the part of the doll my daughter's enjoys the most, she is full of giggles when watching Dora's wings appear and appear. I also love the song she sings because my daughter sings right along with her!

I would rate this doll a 10/10 because I know if my daughter has this much fun with her that any other little girl would! The Magical Fairy Dora would make a great Christmas present for any little girl!

You can watch a video here also:


You can purchase the Magical Fairy Dora on Amazon for $29.97.

I was provided the above mentioned products for my review. I was not compensated in any other way for this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Thank you to Fisher Price for the product to review


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