May 5, 2012

Great Career Ideas for Moms & Dads

Great Career Ideas for Moms & Dads

As all moms and dads know, raising a family ain’t cheap. Along with frugal spending habits like couponing, revamping your career can be a good way to improve your financial stability. For many moms and dads, a dream job affords flexibility and a steady career outlook, as well as the satisfaction that comes with professional development. If you’re in the (large) boat of needing to change jobs and improve your financial state, perhaps one of these careers with good job prospects, solid paychecks, and flexible scheduling can help.

Web Design

If you’re more on the creative side, then perhaps web design is a good career option for you. Web designers develop layouts, graphics, and multimedia for websites. Designers have an eye for color, lines, and logos. This is a great field for moms and dads because job growth is expected to be strong in the coming years; those in computer systems design and related services will see a 61% increase in positions. Specialized designers will see a 27% increase. About 29% of graphic designers are self-employed, so there is also the potential to set your own schedule in this profession. A bachelor’s degree in a design field is useful for getting started in web design.

Dental Hygienist

One of the most obnoxious things about being a parent is how difficult it can be to find well-paying, satisfying part-time work. Dental hygienists are a welcome aberration from this trend. The majority (62%) of hygienists work part-time, and this flexible scheduling can be excellent for busy family life. Dental hygienists perform a number of tasks in the dental office, such as cleaning teeth, applying fluoride, and tracking patient treatment plans. To get started as a dental hygienist, you’ll need to attend an accredited associate’s degree program in dental hygiene. Dental hygienists earn $68,000 a year, on average.


The nursing profession combines flexible work schedules, attractive job perks, and solid pay—nearly everything a working parent could want. As the elderly population of the U.S. grows in the coming years, employers will be doing everything they can to attract qualified nurses, including offering sign-up bonuses, tuition waivers, and childcare. To become a nurse, you’ll need a two-year degree or diploma in nursing; a passing score on the NCLEX-RN exam is also necessary to earn a nursing license. Nurses earn about $65,000 a year.


Perhaps you’re not sure you want to launch a full-blown “career” right now or start climbing the corporate ladder. Paralegal work can be a good option for parents with a bachelor’s degree who are interested in seasonal or short-term work. Many lawyers hire paralegals temporarily as their case loads increase. Paralegals help with researching cases, writing trial reports, and gathering formal statements which are used in court. Along with a degree, a paralegal certification is also helpful for finding employment. has more information on certification options.

Veterinary Technologist

If you love animals, now is a great time to consider becoming a vet technologist. The demand for these professionals is expected to increase by 52%, which is much faster than the national average rate of job growth. Job prospects will be excellent for vet techs during the 2010-2020 period, especially in rural areas. Veterinary technologists and technicians assist in animal care in a number of ways, such as providing first aid, performing lab tests, and administering medications. You’ll need to complete a two-year training program to become a vet technician; a bachelor’s degree is required for technologists.


Perhaps you’re more of the technical type. Electrician work can be a great option for parents who enjoy using their hands and are interested in entering a field with solid job growth. A 23% increase in electrician positions is predicted through 2020, representing a large increase in positions. 10% of electricians are self-employed, and there is room to start your own business if you have the wherewithal. You’ll need to complete a formal apprenticeship, which takes about four years to get started in this field. Technical training is also a viable way to learn the trade. Check out Electrician Training for more details on certificate and degree options.


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